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Open-door Policy: Our babies’ parents are always welcome in our classroom. Please feel free to stop in or call to check on your infant.


What to bring: We recommend keeping at least two full changes of clothing (including shirt, pants, onesie, socks, etc.) at the center. Parents may also want to leave an extra pacifier, a hat. Diapers, wipes, and bottles are also to be brought from home, and you may want to bring a blanket (long enough to tuck edges around the mattress) and a soft toy for your baby to sleep with.


Blankets are to be taken home every Friday to be washed. Everything brought from home must be labeled with the child’s name. Sheets, bibs, burp cloths, mobiles, and crib toys are provided by the All Star Academy Learning Center.


Daily Sheets: Each child will go home with a sheet detailing his or her day. This includes times of naps, time and types of diaper changes, food eaten, and times and amounts of bottles taken. On this sheet, parents will also find notes about needed supplies.


Diapers: Babies’ diapers are changed at least as often as two hours, but more often if needed. Babies are wiped at every diaper change. Ointments are generally applied as needed, unless otherwise requested by the parent.


Naps: Growing babies require a lot of sleep! Infants fall asleep in a lot of different ways. Please let us know what works best for your baby. Naps, in the Infant room, are not strictly scheduled.


Bottles and Food: All bottles and sippy cups must be labeled with the child’s name. As regulated by ODJFS, bottles may contain only formula, breast milk, milk, or water. Helpful Hands follows the Federal Nutrition Program and will supply high iron formula, high iron cereal, meat, fruit, vegetable baby food, and infant appropriate snacks. Bottles must be prepared at home, and formula must be premixed. You also may choose to use your own baby food. The time at which bottles are given is coordinated with the parents’ wishes and the needs of the infant, but most babies eat every 2 – 4hours. All bottles are warmed in a crock pot and the temperature is tested before serving.


Warmed breast milk may be kept for 1 hour, and formula for 2 hours. Breast feeding mothers are welcome to nurse their children at the center. When your child is ready to eat baby food and you choose to bring baby food and/or cereal from home, the containers must be sealed and labeled when they arrive at the center. Open jars of baby food will be dated, and can be kept for 24 hours. Baby food is warmed in the microwave, and the temperature is tested before serving. When a child is ready for solid food, it will be provided by the center.


Meals: Breakfast is served at 8:00, lunch is served at 12:00, and afternoon snack is served at 3:00 dinner at 5:30 pm and evening snack at 8:00.

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